"Add Library" should search

I just caused myself a bunch of confusion and lost time. I think you should be able to search using the “add library” box. It does have a little search icon, after all.

It appears that you can only type a full and correct library name.

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I second the motion that one should be able to actually “search” via the search function.

If I could remember the exact/perfectly.correct.lib&&name, then I would likely also be able to remember all the parameters in the lib file. All of them. What a novel epiphany!

Yes, the UI indeed looks misguiding. It is because we’ve planned to add the search feature at some moment in the future…

One of upcoming releases will be dedicated to the improvements in the library creation management. Here’s XOD lib debt:

  • Search for libraries in IDE and on the site
  • Feature to unlist/enlist published libraries
  • An easier way to work on several own libraries and a project at the same time
  • Library popularity scoring
  • Sorting by publication date

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