Library descriptions in XOD IDE

Is it just me? I can’t find anywhere in XOD IDE (desktop) that shows the description for an installed library.

Hi @awgrover , the general description of libraries does not appear in the IDE, only of nodes.
Great job :clap:

I humbly suggest that it would be a good idea for the description to appear in the IDE.

the description is only seen at the time of loading, I had not paid attention to that


but only part

Ooops. That’s indeed overlooked. Does someone have a good idea where should we demonstrate the description of an installed library?

A quick thought, we can add a very first item README to libs (if present) where IDE can demonstrate the description, version, credits, license, and all related metadata.

When I select a node and press H, the description appears, will something like that be possible in the library?

Yes, I kept trying to click on the library in the browser pane, to get the description (almost) like you do for a patch. Screenshot%20from%202018-12-19%2015-24-58
Except, I want to click on the library.

This could be related to the information of the library …

When I made a publication, @brusher_ru recommended including jpg, txt, etc. Inside the folder of the patch, I did the test and if … it is downloaded together but that is hidden inside the library.
Someone who starts or does not want to touch the system, will never see them. Maybe there is some way to direct them to that folder, but I do not know.