Node manual or list

Dear all, I think this topic may be useful for many beginning users^ is there a complete list of nodes? There is a small descriotion popping up, when you drag your mous on the name, so I thought there is some place, where they can be in a list with description. But I can`t find it.

You can find the list of all xod/core nodes here:

All supported hardware:

Also, you could see a documentation for the Nodes right in the IDE. There are two ways:

  1. Turn on Quick Help panel (View -> Toggle helpbar or just press h hotkey)
  2. Select any node in the ProjectBrowser and press h hotkey — now it toggles a detailed help box, that flows near selected Patch with preview.

If you need something specific you could search for it in the libraries published by other users here:

Огромное спасибо, Кирилл!
Программа мне очень нравится, но пока что сложно разобраться, т.к. я
новичок в программировании.

Еще раз благодарю,
Илья Ермолаев

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