**making graphical nodes** for xod ide

making graphical nodes

is it possible to make some changes in xod program?

I mean as the arduino main program there is some tools to see whats going on in device inputs or outputs we can do something like that with new nodes with a screen that shows
hear I have a wish screen shot



Hello and welcome!

Such feature would be cool. We have it in plans, but not for nearest releases. Will implement custom watches, but a bit later, can’t say ETA yet.

Folks who find the feature very useful, click :heart: on the original post so that we can see interest amount and prioritize accordingly.


how we can help you improving this features?

you know it’ll be very very powerful if this features be with xod
as a xod fan and as a user I’m gona help you to do this and make xod better than yesterday

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Thanks. We’ll publish a detailed contributor’s guide soon. I hope you and everyone will find a way to assist XOD if he can there.

P.S> I’m sorry, but I have deleted your posts in neighbor threads because they are… spammy. A thread has a topic and all messages should follow that topic. There’s no place for ad-like things. I see likes in this thread and that’s enough to understand the feature significance.

we want help the xod community and make it better as a graphical software
and the best choice we introduce the xod to all of our friends to become a
xod user for all of their projects its a fun while a good technical program

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