XOD 0.12.0 released


We just released an update with few interesting features. Give it a try :man_technologist:

Note for existing users

If you already have XOD installed, then you have a workspace with your projects and a copy of the standard library. We won’t touch the workspace during the update. To use the new nodes you’ll have to either:

Delete the existing workspace at C:\Users\<yourname>\xod and restart IDE
Create a new workspace after the update via main menu: File → Select Workspace

You can update manually by reinstalling XOD or simply click “Update” right within the current XOD IDE when it launches.

Release notes

Features and enhancements

  • Implement in-patch comments. Now you can “Edit → Insert Comment” to place text note right onto the patch board. You will see an example of using comments in the welcome-to-xod project if you would create a new workspace (File → Select Workspace) or launch browser-based IDE.
  • New build system no longer depends on Arduino IDE being installed. No more splash screen while uploading a XOD program to Arduino.
  • Project *.xodp and *.xod files now don’t store fields with default values like "description": "" or "comments": []. This makes the files more compact and immune to insignificant diffs when they’re stored under VCS such as Git.

New nodes

Bug fixes

  • BREAKING :exclamation: Change pin naming scheme for native C++ nodes to avoid collisions with global macros. Inputs::PORT became input_PORT. As a consequence compilation for Arduino Zero, M0, MKR1000 is possible now. Workspaces with an older version of the standard library will no longer compile.
  • Fix serial port enumeration when doing Deploy → Upload to Arduino (regression of v0.11.0).
  • Fix overprotection of Inspector’s number input box from wrong values. It didn’t allow to enter negative numbers. Now they are valid as should be and scientific notation also works, i.e. one can enter 1e-6 for 0.000001.
  • Program start no longer initiate a single pulse on every pulse link what could lead to an incorrect initial state of a device.
  • Fix text-lcd-16x2 didn’t clear the tail of a line which results in trash symbols when a new text was shorter than the previous.
  • Fix few transpilation bugs in edge cases: values bound via Inspector did not propagate to nested patch nodes, multiple links from the same node to another node were mistakenly squashed.

Download the update

Follow up to Downloads page to download XOD IDE v0.12.0.

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