What sensors and modules do you use?

Currently, there are very few nodes to interact with hardware peripherals. Although there are thousands of them in the world.

We can’t support all of them at once because it’s much of work. But we can select most popular and provide support for them at the first place.

Tell us what sensors and modules do you want to be supported by XOD out of the box. Send links or titles of the modules.

My activities revolve around teaching kids about robotics applications. Hence, I am interested in being able to attached motor shields of various kinds: L9110, L293D, ULN2003, L298N. Otherwise having the ability to turn on and off various Digital and PWM pins would be sufficient to program wheel actions.

Also of importance is the ESP8288WIFI cards and H05 and H06 Bluetooth cards.

As far as sensors go: HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor.


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Right off the bat, I went to try one of your examples, and found all my LCD’s have serial interfaces on them - so I can’t use the existing node.

Not the most pressing thing, but it would be great to have a control for the serial displays (gnd/vcc/SDA/SCL)


Most commonly used Arduino sensors and actuators for various applications, as compiled during my years experience teaching electronics:

Distance measurements

  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensor
  • GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared sensor
  • end stop/limit switch
  • light switch/light gate
  • APDS9960 proximity sensor
  • QRE1113 reflection sensor

Angle and momentum

  • 25LB22-H rotational encoder
  • AT407 tilt sensor
  • ADXL345 accelerometer


  • DHT11 humidity sensor
  • BMP180 air pressure sensor
  • Si1145 UV sensor
  • MQ135 air quality sensor
  • LM35 temperature sensor
  • pH probe
  • SS49E hall sensor


  • DC-motor
  • servo motor
  • stepper motor
  • linear actuators
  • solenoids/valves
  • ESC for BLDCs


  • SD card with SPI interface
  • HopeRF radio transmitter
  • nrf51822 radio transceiver
  • AD7689 16 bit ADC
  • XOD bus (a software transceiver to wire different microcontrollers running XOD together and let them communicate)
  • TSOP1736 IR receiver

This list is incomplete of course, and will to extended over time.

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The first Sensor i would like to use is a SHT21.
The reason is, i do have it always running under raspian and it works fine, but there is a lott overhead in this application.

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Some material that i use :
HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensor
DC-motor (the yellows with motor-reduction that are chips)
Micro Servo Tower Pro SG90
stepper motor 28BY J-48
BMP180 air pressure sensor http://www.dx.com/p/keyestudio-bmp180-digital-barometric-pressure-sensor-for-arduino-442271
htu21d - temp & humidity sensor https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/htu21d-humidity-sensor-hookup-guide
Keyes L298 shield

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NRF24L01 digital radio boards, which use SPI.


Everything else is discrete, or at least acts that way (like a heartbeat sensor).

Thank you all for the information. Nodes to support some of the modules mentioned here were introduced in v0.12.0. We’ll continue to watch the thread to better prioritize new nodes implementation.

I use also these :
NodeMCU amica v2
clone of Wemos D1 mini
2.9 e-paper screen
HC 06 Bluetooth
360 degrees servo motor

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My current project is using a neopixel ring, a LCD run through an I2C, a water sensor, standard RC522, keypad through a resistor matrix, and a GY-NEO6MV2 GPS. Is there a way to snag a tutorial on how to transfer over libraries or build code for a project. I’m about as green as they come and so far am just piecing together chunk of code I scrounge from around the web. The XOD looks like a potential perfect solution to my coding issue for it’s flow chart style design. Thanks for the sweet set up kiddies :smile:

Welcome on board!

Documentation is our weak point now. We’re working on it. I hope there will be enough content soon to assist all your tasks.

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Want to try a DHT22 Humidity and Temperature sensor.

HC-SR501 Motion sensor

I’m using a motor shield like this one here. For those of you that have used these motors with XOD in the past what number pins did you input for the “DIR” and “PWM”? The documentation I’ve found uses a library rather than implicitly stating the pinout.

@warner Hello! The motor shield you’ve mentioned is a tricky one. Roughly speaking its DIR pin is behind a shift register. Although it should be not so hard to make a node for it, currently, XOD does not provide such node out of the box.

Are there any examples showing how I could make a node for the shift register? I’ve worked through the traffic light example creating a simple node for an LED but I’m not sure how to go about making a node for the shift register to communicate with the motor?

Sorry, for the late reply. I can’t make a node for sure, because I have no such shield to test. But I can to try to implement it blindly. I need to setup an experiment on a breadboard to deal with the shift register. It would take time, I hope I’ll share results in few nearest days.

Ok. Thanks for helping me out with it. I’m happy to run the code on my board if you can help me get started so that we can test it.

@warner see A library to drive old AF Motor Shield

This thread tends to become an uncategorized mess. Thanks all for sharing the hardware parts desired to be supported. I close this topic. For new hardware nodes requests, please, start new threads. One per part. Don’t feel shy to create multiple threads at once.