How to delete a link?

I honestly couldn’t figure it out myself and in the documentation it just says “[…] Delete the existing link […]” but never does it mention how to delete a link.

It also doesn’t help that the Desktop IDE is pretty sluggish. Just grabbing, dropping nodes and opening the menu on the side takes a while (~1/2 second). Weirdly the Browser IDE feels much smoother.

Hello and thanks for the feedback.

Select it (click on it) and then press Delete or Backspace on the keyboard.

Hmm… if you didn’t do it intuitively, what is an intuitive way to delete a link looks like for you? Right click menu? Context buttons that appear next to a link when it is selected? Whatever?

There was a problem which we fixed in v0.12.1. Can you confirm you’re running the latest version? In the main menu click on “Help” will show it.

If you’re on v0.12.1, could you press Ctrl + H and confirm that nothing happens? That’s a shortcut to access a developer tool that slows things down. It should be disabled when XOD is in arms of end-users.

:slight_smile: I think Delete is alright, it’s probably the most intuitive choice and this was just a small brain fart on my side.

I cloned the repo and ran yarn then yarn build -- xod-client-electron and then yarn start:xod-client-electron because there is no build for my Linux distribution.

I just tried downloading and unzipping the .deb and running the program inside and found that this way I get the same performance as online (no sluggishness).

Do you really think it is just the React Debug Console (Strg + H)? After all it is enabled on as well and I experience no sluggishness there. I would like to dabble in the code a bit myself so having a smooth development environment would be great.

Its Redux devtools. And they differ in desktop and browser environment because Electron is not a 100% Chrome (no plugins for developer console). So in Electron version every action is accompanied by complex DOM manipulations when Redux devtools try to emulate complex GUI right in the document. Whereas in browser it uses native console facilities.

BTW. What Linux do you use? Arch?

Ahh okay, thanks for the explanation.

Yeah :grin:

High five! Me too. Maybe I’ll find a time to craft PKGBUILD and place XOD on AUR. Never done it before, but I hope it is relatively easy.

I’ve never written one as well, otherwise I would have probably already XOD to the AUR.

I really like your project BTW, not a big fan of Electron tbh but on the other hand I wouldn’t know how to use full blown GUI toolkit like Qt myself. I don’t like fiddling with Arduino-C++ at all and the basic stuff I’d like my Arduinos to do XOD should be able to handle very well. I’ll see whether I can take care of one or two your issues - they look really well organized.

Adding more hardware is probably also up pretty high on your ToDo-list I imagine?

Yep. There is a What sensors and modules do you use? - #8 by nkrkv thread. It is one of the sources we use to understand which hardware support is necessary at the first place.

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