XOD 0.14.0 released

A month later, the new version — v0.14.0 is available. We implemented several new features and one of them is so cool, I’ll show it in a gif right here.

The debugger!

Note for existing users

If you already have XOD installed, then you have a workspace with your projects and a copy of the standard library. We won’t touch the workspace during the update. To use the new nodes you’ll have to either:

Delete the existing workspace at C:\Users\<yourname>\xod and restart IDE
Create a new workspace after the update via main menu: File → Select Workspace

You can update manually by reinstalling XOD or simply click “Update” right within the current XOD IDE when it launches.

Release notes

Here is a list of most significant changes made.

Features and enhancements

  • Brand new tutorial. It has two versions: the first one is embedded right into the welcome-to-xod project you see after the desktop IDE installation or browser-based IDE launch; the second one is published statically in the documentation section of the site.
  • The debugger and watches! Now, you can watch for value changes in real-time right inside the desktop XOD IDE. Place a xod/core/watch node, link it, and upload the program with “Debug after upload” checkbox set. The debugger also lets you view incoming serial data log like the Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE does.
  • Bulk selection and mass actions. Hold the Ctrl key (Command on macOS) while clicking on nodes, links, or comments to select multiple entities. After that, you could move or delete them all at once.
  • Cut/copy/paste. Finally, clipboard functionality you expect from any application is here. Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V your nodes on a patch, across patches, or even across XOD IDE windows.
  • Cloud compilation. Now, rather than pull the whole compiler toolchain to your system, you can choose to compile in our cloud. Check “Compile in the cloud” box in the Upload Dialog to use it. This is the first step toward making the browser-based XOD IDE fully functional.

New nodes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed upload dialog hang if the serial port was busy (thanks @awgrover)
  • Fixed multiple recurring typos of “Ouput” with missing “t” (thanks @awgrover)
  • Always keep patches sorted alphabetically in the Project Browser. Previously, new patches and patch renames broke the order.

Download the new version

Follow to the downloads page or start existing desktop IDE and confirm the upgrade.

Feedback is welcomed!

Oops…, forgot to mention one more improvement in the release notes. Now you can drag-n-drop nodes from the Project Browser to the Patch Board instead of clicking the (+) button.

Many people said they expect drag-n-drop to work when adding nodes. OK, done!

Watch-node is a very useful function. Thanks!

Lovely! will be remembered for sure :kissing:

Console debugging is a must have and you have it, contrats! :sparkles:

my desktop ide didn’t ask to upgrade, and couldn’t find an upgrade button. Maybe that’s new too?

@awgrover Hmm… It should. Seems like a bug. We’ll look at it. You use .deb distro on Ubuntu, right?

Meanwhile, you can download the latest version and install it over the old one.

Yes, that’s right. I manually grabbed the new .deb and installed.

Did you intend to drop “esc for cancel”? In 0.13.0 I could:

  • start dragging from an output
  • hit escape to cancel

Now I have to click back on the output

No, its a bug. Thank you! Issued at https://github.com/xodio/xod/issues/811

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