XOD 0.17.0 released

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Everyone should enter a new year with a clear mind and no debts, right? So in the last release of 2017, we made an effort to implement all stuff pushed by our UI designer which we regularly postponed. So XOD is ready to jump into 2018 nice and tidy.

Release notes

Features and enhancements

  • [ide] General user interface facelift. Updated icons, reduced visual noise, more accurate accents. Better messages and the main menu.
  • [ide] Make panels dockable. Now you can tweak location of any sidebar panel: dock it to the left or right, hide, resize.
  • [ide] The project browser, quick search suggester, and selected node got own help boxes. All available with H key as it was before.
  • [ide] Introduce deploy pane. Now all output during upload and debug messages go here.
  • [ide] Improve syntax highlighting in the embedded code editor. Match XOD C++ node API symbols, inttypes, and few Arduino built-in functions.

Bug fixes

  • [nodes] Fix wrong description of xod/core/pulse-on-false (thanks @awgrover)

How to install

As usual:


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