New forum category: " I want a node"

I found this topic created by our leader and thought that it is just as reverent now as it was back then.
I am new to XOD and the forum but have observed numerous requests by members including myself for the development of nodes to support hardware etc.
Sometimes it falls on death ears and sometimes a more skilled member will run with it.
There appears to be no formal request, only the help by more capable members.
I dont know the history why the new forum category never got up maybe nkrkv can shine a light on the topic



Nov '18

OK, folks. We have members who can make nodes and members who can’t accomplish it yet due to some lack of deep knowledge. At the same time, those who can’t make all the nodes they want can have rich ideas :bulb:

I think we could help each other, so I started a new category where you can ask for new nodes. The community and core XOD devs can help you. Please, share your vision in the new category.

Make sure to understand its rules first: About the I want a node category and let’s get started!

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Complete newbie but I am looking for a constant string node that outputs a degree symbol. I am trying to base the symbol off of this code
// degree symbol
byte degreeSymbol[8] = {
// create degree custom character
lcd.createChar(0, degreeSymbol);

Hi, for the degree symbol try octal “\370”

Credits to @wayland that helped me in this…

this is what it is displaying degree symbol
This LCD panel has hard times displaying any special character

Sorry, try usisng this library

Thank you for this, and the fast response.

Hello. I have a 3.2 TFT on an HX8357C chip and a Mega 2560. I need a node for this. Does anyone have any idea?

Hello, the topic on the link does not open