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Hi, folks! How’s your quarantine? Hope all of you and your families are healthy.

Due to the virus and other projects, it’s quite hard to see a reply from XOD devs even in cases when it is expected. And I’d like to say HUGE “Thank You!” to you, guys, who help newcomers with getting onto the XOD boat board :bowing_man:

Nevertheless, this community forum stays a central point of getting new ideas, seeing systematic problems, and managing development priorities. And we’d like to help if we can. To make forum topic discovery easier, I’ve took time and introduced a bunch of new categories. I Hope, this makes sense. The basic idea is that we should have no more than 5% or so “Uncategorized” topics and no “I want a node” which performed poorly from now on.

The new categories related to getting help have an auto-close setting which triggers after 30 days of topic inactivity. This should prevent zombifying old topics.

I have also lowered some default Discourse forum engine settings so that most active users could automatically be promoted to so-called Level3. Now, the top level is 2. I don’t know if we should wait a hour or so to make the qualification machine work but the final intention is to allow subject editing, moving to categories, closing, immediate spam-deleting, etc to the most active users. I’ll try to adjust one more time if there are still no Level3 users in a day.

If you have some feedback, I’d glad to hear.


Ooops, some very old posts have popped up while moving everything from “I want a node” to more suitable categories :confounded: Don’t bother.

Try changing a topic category and it only gives me one option “Look What I've Done”, I think it is an “XOD Programming Questions”.

It was not in itself to change the subject, but to see what I could do. :thinking:

That’s weird, you should be able to set whatever category you think is correct (except Announcements). Would you confirm:

  • You enter an active topic
  • You click the pencil icon next to the subject
  • You can edit the subject text and see the category drop-down below
  • The drop-down contains only “Look What I’ve Done” and “Uncategorized”


If so, do you even can create a new own topic in one of the new categories?

Maybe it was very early last night, today it is already solved, I can select among all.

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