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I am new with arduino and found this ide and like it just having a hard time finding the nodes I would need for project. Given people can build nodes I know having a list of them is rough to keep up to date. Given I am new and a lot of the unknown, I am not able to find the nodes I would need for my project or where to find them, so if can which nodes do I need, for the following? Looking to be able to activate a cylnoid for about 5 seconds around every 5 minutes. Will be using an arduino. May add some other options but will add later. Thanks for any help.

This should work

Boot to get the cycle going
Delay for ON over 5 seconds → Done to trigger Delay off for 295 second → Done to restart cycle

Since the user mentioned they are new, I will point out that the above code is a debug version that can be run in the simulator. To use it in your project, you would replace the ‘watch’ node with a ‘relay’ node. XOD does a pretty good job of grouping nodes into categories if you have a general idea what you are looking for. If you have a specific node you are looking for, you can use the search option. Double-click (or press “i”) in the Workspace, then type what you want to search for and a list of matching nodes will be displayed.

Than all for the replys. I am not sure if I need any special libraries or not, given a couple of them I can’t find or not sure what node to look for. Referring to the image node names 5, any, 295. Also the defer I found does not look like the on in image. It has four connection points. With swapping the watch out for the replay node, what are the connection options given different set up of ports. Thanks

The numbers are “Constant Number” Node, set to 5 and 295…
You can get the node in different ways. The easiest way to get the node you want, after you know which node you want, is to either 1) type “i” to get the search bar, or 2) double click the programming area to get the bar, THEN start typing the node you want… the capture shows what it looks like… notice, you can see where the node can be found by navigating (3rd method)

For constant-number, it’s found under XOD/core (from above), so you can navigate there by hand like so, (be sure to first use toggle help bar, to have a pop-up help menu when you hover over a node)… The next capture shows 2 things simultaneously

the “any” node is also under xod/core
when I click it, then a help menu comes up… the node is variadic… which means you can drag it to the right to expand it for more nodes, basically,

This is what I see when searching for “defer”

So, the defer you have is something else, I’m not sure, because it sounds weird.

Now, how to know what the nodes do? You gotta just click on all of them and read the help menu on them. As well as read all the XOD beginner tutorials, and maybe search in the Forum. You can also try searching for the name of the node you think you want in the search menu…

here’s a list of basic nodes that you need to do almost everything
pulse on change

you can do tons of things with this subset… or course combined with whatever library you need for the device you are interfacing. There is all of XOS to work with, and if the node doesn’t exist, you can make your own… very powerful.

Best thing, in my opinion, is click around and read what everything is… and spend hours reading through the xod tutorials

There’s also a video section at the bottom left of this area

Check out the case studies link in the above link… lots of examples to get you going.


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Thank all for the help. It appears to be working but will know when get all parts. Just wanted to test this before buying all other supplies. Thanks again.

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