Help figuring out how to use XOD

Hi I am very new to XOD. I looking for help with 2 problems I am trying to solve. The first is with regards to using the delay node, how would I get it to react in the following manner, when ‘set pin’ is held ‘high’ the delay period is active and the ‘act pin’ is held low until the delay period has lapst, then goes high and stays high for the duration of the ‘set pin’ being held high. The second challenge I am having is I am wanting to have a input trigger a led which would rapidly flash for 3 seconds then stay on untill the input goes low, then if the input goes high again with in a 10 second time period of the last time it went high the output led will come on @ full on brightness and go off once the input goes low again.
Would like to know if this is possible and if someone could steer me in the right direction to figure it out myself.

The delay node you are looking for could modify the C++ code of the existing delay timer, or you could build a wrapper for the existing delay node that adds logic to compare delay-ACT and delay-SET to produce the output you want.

For the led control, it might be easier to create a node with C++ code to implement, but I’m pretty sure it could be done with delay nodes and gate nodes to create conditional loops. For example, pressing the button would start a 3-second delay time and a flash node to turn LED on & off, then send pulse to gate that directs back to flash if 3-second delay-ACT is true, or starts a 7-second timer if false (we already flashed for 3-seconds, so there is only 7 seconds left for our 10-second reset timer). Similar logic would be used for the rest of your sequence with branches based on button press & loops based on delay-ACT state.

Thanks for the surgestion. Will muddle through it.

WHERE CAN I GO TO GET ANSWERS or even a better help menu