Links to source code of libraries

Is there an easy way to access source from library documentation ?

I’m thinking about how from docs get to github.

I love to dig into details of some libraries, as this helps to understand the entire system better and also assess 3rd party library quality.

I was looking to contribute such link into doc page, but it looks like library documentation page is not open sourced (at least I didn’t find the source).

Not real sure what you are looking for here… XOD docs are in GitHub with a link to edit at the bottom of each page. XOD libraries are XOD code that don’t make much sense outside of XOD. You can see code by adding library in XOD and opening the nodes. For wrappers of IDE libraries, you could add link to IDE source in the library description.

Thanks for the quick answer.

What I’m trying to achieve is a quick evaluation/comparison of multiple libraries implementing the same functionality (It would be great to have ‘usage count’ or something, but this is probably a more complex story…). Let’s say I would like to use ws2812 (a.k.a. neopixel) in my project. So searching for some nodes you can find four different implementations: I’m looking for a quick solution to check them without adding all of them to the project. My idea for doing it: let’s check quickly implementation on the github.

But ok, I understand - the main workflow you suggest is to just add all 4 to the current project and check them inside xod ide. It’s ok :slight_smile:

XOD docs are on GitHub, but is the source code that generates open sourced ?

Hello! Yep, the site engine is not open-sourced. But I understand what you’re talking about. There was an idea to attach C++ implementation to the docs page if the node is written in C++, and attach a screenshot if it is composed in XOD. The latter is technically complex (we still have no feature to get a screenshot programmatically), so the former isn’t here as well.

Perhaps, we’d better just include C++ in the docs pages and leave the screenshots feature for the future.

That’s sum up the topic very well. Thanks!

Done! See for an example

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Wooow! Awsome! Thanks a lot.

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