Shortcuts upload

hello, is there a shortcut to upload or debug? :thinking:


In the lower-right corner:
Lightning bolt is upload
Bug is debug

Hi @gweimer , sorry I did not know how to explain. I was looking for a key, example F9 or something for upload and F10 debug .

thanks for answering

Not yet. BTW, what shortcut are you thinking about?

I used to suggest Ctrl+U (upload) and Ctrl+Shift+U (upload and debug) because U is a mnemonic for Upload. But someone noted that it is a nearly impossible combo for one hand if another is on the mouse. So I recalled old-school IDEs where F5 meant to start with debugger and Ctrl+F5 meant to just start. Sounds reasonable but nowdays F-keys are not on every keyboard…

I did not know that, if on my laptop I have to use FN to activate the F keys

Something great seems to me “i” to insert nodes and “h” for help. Maybe “u” to upload and “d” to debug ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’ve meant that acually. With the FN key, they are hardly accessible.

Plain keys like U and D can be a good solution :thinking: Thank you.