Trouble loading button node

New to XOD, when working through tutorial “button 104” the button node does not load as it should and shows only a rectangle with one connection point at the bottom.

Most likely causes for any of your nodes to be different than everyone else sees:

  1. You are using a node from a library you have loaded instead of the xod built-in
  2. You have modified the built-in copy and have your own version now.

The fix for 1. is to make sure you are using the correct version of the node.

The fix for 2. is to remove your customizations of the built-in nodes. To do this, you need to find your __lib__ folder. It is usually in C:\Users\<username>\xod\__lib__. There should not be any folders in here starting with xod (xod, xod-dev, etc.). If any exist, close the XOD program and delete (or at least rename) the folder so you can see the original built-in version of all the nodes.

Thanks for feedback I have checked as you suggested in 2. and all seems ok, not sure how to check out number 1.
I have noticed since, if I run XOD in browser mode the button node comes up as it should. I have used the “Mechanical Switch” node as a replacement for the formed.

If you click on a node in your program, it will show details in the lower-right. Near the top of that window, it will show path (like xod/common-hardware/button).

Hi after checking the node as you suggested the node path is xod/common-hardware/button.


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