LED Node not on my XOD .37.2

this LED node as shown in you several tuition, will not display, it is just a node but nothing and states invalid port it has no terminals on it at all no LUM or port

This is what I get (also using v0.37.2):

This implies either:

  1. You are not using the built-in copy of led node
  2. You have modified a built-in library & saved it, so you no longer get updates to built-in library code.

Select the broken led node & check inspector for path to that node to verify it is xod/common-hardware/led. If it is no, try adding the correct node.

If you have the correct node, find path to your workspace (select File > Switch Workspace & see what current path is). Go to that folder in file explorer and check the __lib__ subfolder. It should NOT contain a xod folder. If it does, exit XOD, delete or rename the ‘lib\xod’ folder, then restart XOD and try adding led node again.

You are not using the built-in copy of led node.What kind so, of answer is that? so haw I suppose to use it?
try adding the correct node. where I suppose to get correct Node? delete or rename the ‘ lib \xod’ folder,
where is lib folder why a important type of node fore led is not in system, where is tutorial to get implemented library?

“You are not using built-in copy of node” means exactly what it says. You can create your own nodes and use the same name as the built-in nodes, but the path to them will be different as shown in the image I included. You can get a list of all led nodes (there are several built-in) by using the search function. The simplest way to access the search function is to double-click on the workspace where you want a new node, then type what you want to search for and all matching nodes will be listed (if there are a lot, you will need to scroll through them to see the entire list).

If you have made changes to built-in nodes, you will have a copy of the built-in folder in your local workspace that will over-ride the built-in nodes. This copy will be in your workspace, which can easily be changed, so I can’t tell you where it is for you, you need to use File > Switch Workspace to either create a new workspace or just see where your current workspace is.

All of the nodes used in the built-in tutorial exist in default XOD installation.

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