Wrong LED box dispay


hello everybody,
the LED box appears without the configuration terminals (just a box without esternal terminals connectio).
Someone can help me to properly configure the program or suggest how to fix it.

  1. make sure you are using xod/common-hardware/led and not your own copy
  2. make sure <user_directory>\XOD\__lib__\xod doesn’t exist. This would be a personal copy of the xod library over-riding the real one.

If neither of these resolves the issue, I’m not sure what to tell you. It shows up correctly for me.


Thank you for your help gweimer,
I’m not have create any new personal library. To be shure I had remove and reinstalled again the program, but the problem remain the same. the led box (the first that I have used) appear without terminal pin.
Is XOD compatible with Windows 10?

thanks in advance


this the screen shot of the LED box: