A node with no ports

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I am new to XOD and i am learning to use XOD for this i would like to use a pot node but the one i find in my version of XOD has no ports. How can i fix this. And has any body a description how i can upload nodes ?

xod/common-hardware/pot has 2 input and 2 output ports. If this is the one you are using and it has no ports, you probably have modified the original and you will no longer get updates. If this is the case, your workspace will have a xod folder under __lib__ in your workspace. My workspace is in c:\Users<username>\xod. You can find yours by selecting File > Switch Workspace in XOD. If any folders that start with “xod” exist under __lib__, you should exit XOD, delete or rename any xod folders, then restart XOD. This will restore the original built-in nodes.

This worked perfectly thanks problem solved

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