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Hi, id delete folder workspace an running XOD.now i don’t have any NODE’S, were i can download nodes again?
I reinstalled XOD again problem the same.nodes damaged.
i need delete XOD finally. when I reset HOD it returns with old settings and drivers and databases, I need to delete it completely. then i thinks everything whill be ok.
i also add one picture for more information. in pictures showing damage NODE

I did not say to delete the entire workspace. I said to delete any __lib__\xod* folders in the workspace. You can try uninstalling and re-installing XOD to get it back.

pwm-write node is supposed to have PORT, DUTY, and UPD pins, not 3 PORT pins. You should never be changing built-in nodes. You can make copies of any node and make changes to your copy.

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