Stepper Motor Driver and LED's

Hi Everyone

Really excited to start using this sotware, really logical format and it allowed me to complete simple tasks quickly. So thanks before I go any further.

I am looking to use the program to run stepper motors using the big easy driver and MAX7219 LED.

Is there any support for either of these items?

Again Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome!

Not yet, but… As far as I can see the Big Easy Driver is a traditional step/dir driver. So, you can make your stepper rotate by sending pulses on its STEP pin, expressed with the basic digital-output node. Use flip-n-times as a data source for it to make N-steps rotation.

Graphics stuff is not supported to the moment. We need several new fundamental features in the language to make it powerful. Could you describe what would you like to show on the LED matrix? Graphics, effects, text?