Any way of contacting library devs? (nkrkv)

I have some questions about a specific library (stepper library), and would like to contact the dev. ( nkrkv). Anybody know how to contact lib devs in general?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can send a private message if they are on this forum. I think nkrkv is one of the XOD developers from Russia who is being affected by sanctions, so they have not been seen much on this forum lately. You can try asking your questions here.

Ok, thanks.

Regarding the TCM series stepper drivers, that need TX/RX connection via a software port.

There is the nkrkv stepper driver library that seems to work fine, but it has no TX/RX connections. How would I go about connecting the tmc2209 and using the nkrkv stepper lib?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The TX/RX connection is for additional communication that nkrkv stepper library is not going to perform, so just adding the pins will not help you. I think it will let you use the stepper motor, but it won’t allow extra features like silent drive & stall detection.

Exactly my thinking.

I have found out that the specific stepper I use has a stand alone mode, where you can configure it via applying voltages to selected pins. That way I don’t have to use any of the TX/RX stuff, (since that is used for configuring it via code). So I might be able to use the nkrkv stepper lib out of the box. Will test and write back.

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