Stepper motor+arduino nano

Hi. Been away from xod for a while, but found a project that I think will fit it nicely.

I have an arduino nano.
I would like to control a stepper motor (the speed of the stepper motor), via a pot. I also need to be able to control the direction of the motor, but this only needs to be done once.

First of all, this is what I am planning on buying. Does it look like it would do the trick?

And this:

Would I need anything else?

Then the actual software control. It seems like there is a stepper driver package in XOD? Will that work well with the above hardware?

Anyone ? :slight_smile: Would love some input, if anyone has done this.

Judging from the information provided here: Interfacing TMC2100 Stepper Motor Driver with Arduino - Electropeak, that controller should work fine with nkrkv/stepdir/stepper from nkrkv/stepdir — XOD, and there are several other libraries to choose from Libraries — XOD.

As long as that stepper works with the driver (very likely), you should be good.

Awesomeness. Thanks.

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