Nextion and Stepper motors

I have a question. I wrote a program using a stepper motor (the project stepper and driver so a cheap one) and it works fine when I run the program alone. I can increase and decrease speed and direction. But when I put it into a program with a nextion 3.5 display I can control direction but speed is very slow no matter what time I put into the clock that is driving the stepper. IS there a conflict with the display? How do I correct this issue? TIA

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Hi @marcod, please can you show us your patch?

Yes I am very new to xod and programing n general so I am sure there are lots of things that could be done better.

Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately the resolution of your screenshot isn’t good enough to read the names of the nodes or inputs to the nodes. Also some parts of the patch have been cut-off.

This is quite a complicated patch. To debug the issue with the nextion display, it would be helpful to start with the simplest patch that will replicate the problem.

Hello! Which chip is on your display? Please insert the complete file XOD. What arduino board are you using?

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