Nextion Display And Stepper

So i downloaded a library called stepper-28byj48 created by a user name txgruppi. in the library it uses two timers one to control speed And one to Set rotation to CCW and CW. I changed the Timer from 0.10 to 0.00 and got full stepper speed. So I figured i could set the timers speed with a Nextion Slider Fed into Map and then into the timer to control the time. So I downloaded waylands Nextion Library. I attached his h.0 to the speed clock thru a Map To Map 0 - 100 to 0.10 - 0.00. the problem i encountered was this i can control speed with slider but it wont go full speed no matter what i set the Map Values to so i started to delete stuff until I found the issue. I found that once a Nextion Read was added It was the Culprit regardless if it was linked or not linked to Map And Clock. Just Having the Nextion Read on the build screen caused the issue.Why is this happening.

Porque usted tiene un (Lazo Abierto de Control).
Al no cerrar su Laso de Control, no hay forma que su A lgoritmo retroalimente los valores, actualice, y por ultimo recalcule.
La pregunta importante que hay que hacerse,
El Nodo que se sacó ¿ era necesario ?
Si lo era, es conveniente que usted regrese a la versión anterior y compare el diagrama de flujo de la información que tiene entre uno y otro.
Después intente lograr el mismo resultado incluyendo el Nodo que eliminó.
Le recomiendo que si necesita algo de información sobre Lazos de Control puede ver esto, buscar en la web, o si lo necesita sabe que puede contar con mi ayuda.
Un saludo muy cordial.

im new to this programing i understand what you ment but i dont know how to resolv it. im still learning

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Hi @mercier-joshua
En estoy días estoy un poco ocupado, pero voy hacer todo lo posible en darle una ayuda para aprender un poco más. Yo también Aprendo cada día, y mas aun cuando intento ayudar.
Comparta aquí su esquema o su repositorio de GitHub donde aleja su proyecto, Juntos iremos trabajando hasta aprender todos los días un poco.
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when i apply a clock to read number UPD with an interval of 1 sec the program works but i have a tick in program where it stops. i somehow nee to have the read-number only update on an event pressed

I would imagine 4 nodes trying to read from the same device at the same time would be a problem… Odd that a node with UPD pin doesn’t have a DONE output pin… Makes chaining the nodes difficult…

You might be able to use the clock pulse to read first value, then use a defer node to link to second read node, then another defer node to link third read, etc. Clock pulse would need to be long enough to finish all reads before starting new cycle.

Not sure what you mean by “tick where it stops”. You could connect read UPD pins to a button to read data when button is pressed, but I doubt that is what you meant. Does device have a nice that will tell you when there is an update?

when i hook up a clock to read number nodes the program starts working correctley but each time the clock ticks a 1second what its programed for the stepper momentary pauses running and starts back up. also button pressing has a delay in it

Sounds like the Arduino is tied up trying to do all the reads, so it cannot do other processing. Sequencing the reads by using delay nodes as described above might be enough to make this at least less noticable by giving the board a chance to process those operations between the read operations.

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