X27 589 with GPS Node

Hey, I am using Wayland node for the X27 with a GPS module part of example program ivanmason/gps-receiver

See the screen shot, I am testing using the gauge together with the GPS, they are all connected properly, delete either the code for the GPS or the gauge the other will work.

When uploaded together they do not, the stepper just moves very very slowly. I feel like there is too much going on in the processor at once.

I also have an LCD screen in there too on I2C

Any ideas?

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I’m not familiar with the gps-receiver library, but I would try throttling the pulses to the gpsdata node, using:
or use a clock node to generate the pulses for gpsdata.

I’m not certain that this will fix the problem, but I think it is worth a try. The update node in the X27-589 library needs to be pulsed as frequently as possible - definitely much more frequently than the gpsdata node.

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