GPS Node Support?

Hello, I am fairly new to programing and Arduino projects and love your visual programing tool. I have used it really successfully on a project and excited to explore more!

I am trying to do a project that would require GPS hardware and I do not believe that any modules are currently supported. I have been reading about making nodes in C++ and it is a little over my head with the current documentation. Are there any nodes that you would suggest I look at to try to understand an example how to set up a serial read from a device like a GPS module? I feel if I see the code in a similar usage that I may be able to learn and adapt it?

If not, are there any plans to support GPS hardware in the future? The specific hardware is irrelevant to me as long as it can get coordinates.

Thanks so much for your help!!



Most GPS modules serve their data in a so-called NMEA text format. So perhaps support for one of them will bring support for the most. We have no immediate plans to focus on GPS modules, but someone could try to do it. Technically it is possible.

I heard @gabbapeople did something with GPS and XOD. Summoning @gabbapeople here! :japanese_ogre:

Hi, Matt!

Check out the on-board-computer i’ve published this mounth.

There is a node mt333-gps-glonass-galileo. It should be suitable for all mt333 chipped GPS modules.
To work with it the troykaGPS.h arduino library have to be added to your XOD workspace.
You can find it here

Pls note:
In the current lib version, this node can communicate through Hardware-serial’s only.
There’s no satellite signal inside the buildings.

Anyway, if you wont find such module, you can look at the C++ code inside the node.
Don’t forget to tell what GPS hardware you buy. It is possible that i will make relevant GPS node in the nearest future.