XOD Serial Input/Output

From what I think I understand about XOD is that there is yet to be some serial input/outout node implementation. My Arduino projects typically utilize a very simple serial communication scheme for communicating data from the Arduino and in some cases also operation mode data back to the Arduino. I am explaining the scheme in the hope that perhaps the initial developed nodes might use the scheme’s basic framework.

The communication scheme simply involves sending a two character command code followed by space delimited data. The scheme idea comes from the old AT way we used to communicate to modems. The receiving end ignores all serial data until it recognizes a command code whereupon it collects the number of space delimited data packets that it already knows should follow. Some command types may not involve data.

Hello! Yes, no Serial/UART out of the box yet, but as a proof of concept, I have implemented GPS module communication which talks via UART using plain-text commands (so-called NMEA protocol).

You can find the project on GitHub. Sorry, no docs and no polishing yet. However, it might be a good starting point to solve your task.