Bidirectional Serial Communication between two Arduinos

Greetings everyone.
I have found XOD a week ago searching for a visual programming IDE for microcontrollers, like Arduino.

I am working on a project of a PLC to give a “brain” to some machines.
So I need to work with two microcontrollers together.
The first one will have an application for machine control, reading, processing, and writing data (much better XOD than C++ for that), and the second will have its GPIOs connected to field interface electronic circuits (reading and writing data).
I need to establish serial communication between the Arduinos to do that. We can simulate with LEDs and pots like Mr. Gabbapeople’s example “gabbapeople/uart-led-control”. (Fantastic job).
Another tutorial was given by Mr. Max Danilin with “

I think the solution presented by Mr. Max fits better for my project (packets of data with checksum), but I have a question:

How to send and receive data for both Arduinos? One to the other. Like Mr. Gabbapeople’s example have the same configuration, but 1 LED and 1 pot in each Arduino.

I think it can be solved using flow control like Mr. Jan Mallari’s example: “How to Set Up UART Communication on the Arduino - Circuit Basics”.

But how to do this in XOD ?

I appreciate any help


Hello Everyone

Solved with a simple solution.
Just added a clock to generate pulses in a regular time to slow down the UART time interval.
I am using a Mega2560 and a Nano328P for testing. Mega is slower than Nano.

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