Is it possible with xod..? Noob

Hi I am interested in building a gas burner management control system. Not a programming professional. Is it possible (with xod) to connect multiple arduinos together, with multiple inputs and outputs, and create a control sequence to operate a gas combustion fuel train? Or use Industrino…
I’m a power engineer so im comfortable with combustion but just need a vote of confidence that it is possible to translate plc ladder logic into data flow design or whatever bad ass language xod is. Because it’s taking me lots of time to figure out xod…
Also I would pay someone to ‘connect the dots’ for me if anyone is interested. Like a few hundred US?

hi, It should be possible, but without any scheme it is difficult to confirm

Hmm k I will get a better question after more time with integrated circuits :S .

Anything that is possible in Arduino IDE should be possible in XOD if you are willing to create your own nodes (some requiring C++ code). XOD makes it much simpler to connect existing building blocks together without having to understand a lot of coding. If you have to generate your own nodes, XOD might end up being a little more complicated since you can often find sample code on the internet for IDE, but you will have to do some translation to get it into XOD. Having to switch between straight programming and the more object-oriented paradigm of XOD can make initial development a little more complicated; especially for a 1st project.

If you are using multiple Arduinos for a single project, then you probably want to use UART for communicating between them. This is discussed in other threads and libraries already exist with examples.

If you need to do advanced calculations in real time or need micro-second timing, Arduino probably isn’t going to be the best option. If you just need to trigger actions (change values on output pins) based on a sensor reading and simple calculations and nothing is going to blow up if things are delayed by 1/10 second, then it is probably within reach of Arduino/XOD.

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