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Hello all, I dont know how I’ve managed to miss XOD but now I’ve stumbled across it, read through the tutorial and watch the few YouTube videos out there I like what I see and hope the platform grows in popularity and ability.
In my day job I do the odd bit of PLC programming with is a combination of ladder logic with function blocks in as well but when it comes to microcontrollers I dabbled with PicAxe chips along with there BASIC type programming editor, but when it came to the craze of the Arduinos and the like I looked and tried to learn the C++ and thought I don’t get this, maybe its my dyslexia coming out? I plan to hopefully use XOD quite a bit for my own fiddles now I’ve found it, I’m very impressed with it.


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Welcome, I hope you progress with Xod and we see good results. :+1:

Greetings from Spain.

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