XOD 0.22.0 Enters Internet of Things – XODlang – Medium

I like the 0.22 release very much - its just in time for me.

Are there any possibilities to support you?

I’m glad you like it. If you would like to help, great! We have an article about contributing to XOD. Other ideas? Would like to hear them as well.

Hi nkrkv,

i started supporting by publishing my library tobias/plc.
Also i was thinking of some financial support via donation.
Let me know if it is possible.

Best Tobias

Hey! Cool library, don’t be shy to create a topic in Look what I’ve done when you share a library :wink:

Thank you for the financial support offer. I would like to refuse as we don’t have a mechanism set up properly from the legal point of view and I’m not sure whether we ever should accept donations from the ethical point of view. Will think about it.

BTW, I wonder are the abbrevs FR, RES, PV, Q is something well-known in the PLC world? Someday we should publish a convention/recommendation article about naming things. It’ll be great if we can pick up a convention that already feels natural for some users.

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