MCP23017 I2C I/O expansion

Hi all, is there a node for using I2C input output expansion chips for example the MCP23017 as I can’t find one?

Hello mer-electrical, the xod project is very good, but the forum is not very crowded, I am Spanish and I go to translators to learn from the documentation that exists, outside of the web and the forum, very little is known finds.

I just bought a PCF8575 I2C 16IO expansion, I’ll try to do something from xod, but it’s possible that I can do it with arduino, because it’s hard for me to understand how to implement C++ in XOD, good luck, I hope someone with more knowledge can help you.

Hi, it’s a shame XOD isn’t more well known and supported as I find it really good now I’ve found it.


I’ve recently been seeing how it works, it’s somewhat complex at first if we don’t have much knowledge of C++ and OOP, but spending time, you can learn and make some programs starting from the patches that are already made, now I’m modifying some libraries to use them in some projects that I had made from Arduino, the truth is that as visual programming it is very intuitive, but implementing code from Arduino libraries right now is difficult for me. Two weeks ago I saw it as very complicated, but now I’m liking something more XOD.
From what I see, the forum doesn’t seem to be very crowded, there doesn’t seem to be a big community behind XOD, although I hope that little by little it will change.

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It is a shame that XOD has had so little exposure to a larger community. It is also a problem that the original developers/maintainers appear to all be Russian, and they have been hit by sanctions since the Ukraine invasion, so we have heard little from them in the last year & the future of XOD is unknown.

Ah I see, that explains things. It’s still a shame that it hasn’t been promoted more or picked up by someone like Adafruit and the like to make XOD nodes the same as they provide Arduino library’s. Maybe one day things will go back to normal and this platform can grow as I think it’s really good,

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