New guide article: Controlling LEDs via UART

Hello, dears!

Here is the long-awaited by many users article about communicating between two Arduino boards via UART.
Create your own “data package” to exchange information between Arduino boards using a text-based format.

To repeat the example you need to add the uart-led-control library to your XOD workspace.

If you can’t repeat the example described in the article or you are faced with other unexpected errors, be sure to write about it on the forum. The more feedback you give us, the sooner the nodes in this library become part of the XOD libraries.


Hello gabbapeople,

thanks for the tutorial! After downloading your project my soft-uart shows a red dotted line…

Hi! soft-uart has been changed since the last IDE update. Update your XOD client to the latest version.

My version is 0.24.1… :thinking:

Try to check your XOD workspaces.
Be sure that xod/uart library is up to date.
Or delete the xod workspace and download the latest version.

To be more specific… Looks like you have a (now obsolete) fork of the xod/uart library. Take a look at $HOME/xod/__lib__. There should be no xod subfolder. I.e. no $HOME/xod/__lib__/xod. If it is there, it takes precedence over the library bundled with XOD IDE.

Simply delete the $HOME/xod/__lib__/xod

Yes, that was the cause. I can’t remember if I had installed this library separately. Sometimes strange things happen… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, it’s a big source of confusion. Once you make a change in any standard library its fork is automatically created locally, on the next “Save All”.

There are cases when it is useful (when developing a project and several libs at the same time). But in most cases, the behavior is not obvious. We’re thinking about fixing it but leaving power-features intact at the same time.


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