Servos and steppers in xod

Hello everyone,

at first I have to say: xod is great! It fits perfect to my understanding of coding :wink:
Sadly I couldn’t find out how to run a stepper motor with xod.
( look here for my problem: Stepper done output - #4 by damjank)

But my main question now is: why we can find a lot about servos in xod but practical nothing about steppers?
At least I couldn’t find any preinstalled notes for steppers, and no entry’s under “user guide”. The thread “working with servos” (Working with Servo Motors — XOD) names a stepper once but it doesn’t seems like that in xod servo is a collective term that includes steppers, or?
I only ask this because the additional library’s stepdir and accelstepper do not want to work with my hardware (standard nema 17 stepper with a cnc motor shield v3 with a4988 driver) and I start to think that steppers were not really in mind of the programmers when they develop xod, right?
I hope I’m wrong.
Would be great if someone could tell something about this.

I know for myself, I started with XOD because the students in my robotics course couldn’t handle the C coding. Because I think it is such a great idea, I continue to support it here on the forum as I’m able, but I don’t use it much when I’m not teaching. I haven’t even gotten back to update libraries I wrote years ago and don’t work well with new versions of XOD. I don’t have any stepper motors or any reason to buy any, so there is not much I can do to help with them. To be honest, even if someone donated the hardware to me, I’m not sure I’d get to it; I have other priorities in my life right now.

If your project needs stepper motors and you can’t get XOD to work with your current hardware, one short-term option might be to get hardware that is supported by existing XOD nodes. I realize that is not ideal, and has the risk that the library you choose and buy hardware for might be out dated and no longer supported by the original author.

Sorry this is not much help, but I hope you don’t get too frustrated with our community because we are not able to help with problems in areas we are not working.

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hello gweimer,

thank you very much for your reply. Because I’am a newbie with xod it’s very helpful to hear the opinion of someone who has some longer experiences with it.

Luckily today a friend could help me with my problem.
For everyone who asking the same question here is the solution:
When you want to use the cnc stepper shield V3 you have to set Pin8 on the Arduino to low.
This works by adding the “digital-write” note to the patch, set Port to D8, set Sig to False and UPD to Continuously.
Later I saw that this is already include in the example-multistepper.
Now it works also with the example-constandspeed or my own patches.

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