Dc motor driver gitch

hello everyone

i have tried using the dc motor driver from the ''nkrkv ‘’ library and it’s not functioning properly. it just shows a block that i cannot connect to anything. Am i doing something wrong or is there some other problem? thank you

Hello and welcome!

Would you provide more details?

  • Do you mean nkrkv/af-motor or something other?
  • A screenshot/screencast of the problem will help a lot
  • Please, provide a xodball for the project, so that one can try to reproduce the problem

hello. big fan of your work and thanks for the reply.
here is a screenshot. as you can see the servo driver looks operational whereas the dc motor driver can’t connect to anything

:open_mouth: Pins should be there:

Could you “File → Save As…”, dc-fail-example.xodball and share the file here?

Also, try to press Ctrl+Shift+I. This will open the developer console. Click “Console” tab there. Do you see any errors if try to repeat the problem?

i am indeed getting the following error message.also i notice that in next to the dc-example i get a warning sign that says ‘patch contains errors’, whereas you dont. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The error in the console is not related.

OK, xodball?
Also, would you double-click the dc-motors node to drill-down into it’s implementation and make a screenshot?

As an extra data-point, I just added that library and the dc-motor node has 4 input pins & I don’t see the error for dc-example.

Maybe it would help if nikolaz deleted the XOD\__lib__\nkrkv\af-motor folder and re-added it? It sounds like their copy is corrupt.

sorry about the xodball it says i cannot upload it because i am a new user :confused:

that’s what i get when i double click in the node

hmm… so it seems i am the only one who encounters this problem , so yeah propably i have downloaded a corrupted copy :thinking:

i re-installed the library and its working fine now! just some weird glitch i reckon. thanks a lot for your help and sorry i wasted your time for a seamingly simple solution :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

:thinking: The guy who invented MD5 hash sums to check downloaded files integrity done it not only to overcomplicate things but also for something useful.

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