Error in pca9685 and ln298n driver

Hai everyone,

I am working on a rover with arm project .
I am using ln298n motor driver for controlling 4 dc motors and pca9685 servo driver for controlling 6 servos. While testing, the LN298N motor driver works fine separately and PCA9685 also working well separately, but while combining both, there is disruption in the servo. Dc motor runs well but servo motor won’t work. I have given separate powersupply for motor driver and servo driver but still not working. Please help
I am a beginner in XOD

Thank you

The problem is likely timer conflict. There are only a limited number of timers available in Arduino. PWM for driving the motors and servo controls both need to use those timers. If you are not using all the PWM pins on your Arduino, you could try swapping to different pins for controlling motors; sometimes this is enough to resolve the conflict. If the pca9685 is offloading the servo control for you, it is using some kind of communication, which is also using timers.

Thank you, I will try this and let you know

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