Problem antivirus(error correction), "shortcut icon is modified"

The antivirus takes me as errors the xodball, in previous versions this happened.
What can be happening, in two PCs the same.

It only happens with the xodball on desktop

I’m not sure what the antivirus is talking about. Has it fixed the xodball or an icon for it? If it is an icon, why does it list the files multiple times? :thinking:

Do you see the icons for xodballs at all in Windows File Explorer?


the weird thing is that he started doing it in the latest versions, and if the xodball file is not inside a folder


does not list, when I modified a library and I want to save the change, I keep names 1, 11, 1111, etc. That’s why 1.xodball, 11.xodball …
the fact of keeping a simple patch, modified a library installed