Antivirus Software Blocking XOD calling it Malware


I was trying to go through the tutorial and was repeatedly running into problems, I got through the first two steps then as soon as I would try and upload to the arduino in “04-pwm” the program would return an error (I have copy and pasted down below) or the program would just quit entirely. During my first attempt to go through the tutorial the program also seemed to completely disappear from my computer and I had to install it again.

Anyway, wondering what in the hell was causing this I noticed my Bitdefender icon had a few notifications and when I looked at them I noticed it had been blocking everything XOD was trying to do as well as quarenteening the program. It had labeled it as malware and was doing all it could to block and remove it from the computer.

I think I have it figured out for myself but in case anyone is running into a similar issue. It was only by chance I noticed my antivirus otherwise I may have just given up on the program saying it was faulty. My apologies if this has already been brought up somewhere, I tried to search through the forums but didn’t see any similar posts.


The error I was getting-

Project was successfully transpiled. Searching for device…
Port with connected Arduino was found. Installing toolchains…
Toolchain is installed. Compiling…
Upload failed. ChildProcessError: Command failed: “C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\arduino-builder.exe” -hardware=“C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\hardware” -hardware=“C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages” -libraries=“C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-libraries” -tools=“C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\tools” -tools=“C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages” -fqbn=“arduino:avr:uno” -build-path=“C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\build” “C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\xod-arduino-sketch.cpp”
cc1plus.exe: fatal error: opening output file C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\build\preproc\ctags_target_for_gcc_minus_e.cpp: Permission denied
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
"C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\arduino-builder.exe" -hardware="C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\hardware" -hardware="C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages" -libraries="C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-libraries" -tools="C:\Program Files\XOD IDE\resources\arduino-builder\tools" -tools="C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\packages" -fqbn="arduino:avr:uno" -build-path="C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\build" "C:\Users\Guest\AppData\Roaming\xod-client-electron\upload-temp\xod-arduino-sketch.cpp" (exited with error code 1)

Try to disable antivirus or set an exeption for file or programm