Error when saving a xodball, the cause was the name of the libraries

Create a folder library and add libraries, create a folder, nodes> nodes, and add individual nodes.
Up to here it seemed that it was fine, but I kept a xodball and it went wrong to reopen. Edit another and the same error, I opened xodball with Notepad ++ and I see several libraries in a blank patch.
Reinstall and continue the same, until it reaches the library folder that, in my opinion, everything was fine.

There I found after much searching, a folder with capital letters and another with space between the names.

It does not give any error when opening XOD, but corrupts the xodball when saving it

Hello! Would you clarify?

What folder are you creating? Do you mean a directory on the file system? If so, do you state that:

If a destination path for the xodball I am saving contains spaces or upper-case letters, the xodball gets corrupted and won’t open next time.


hi, I’m unclear and in English even worse :grinning:

C:\Users\...\xod\__lib__\library\stepper OK

C:\Users\...\xod\__lib__\library\Stepper o C:\Users\....\xod\__lib__\library\dig seg FAIL

If there is a library with capital or space, when saving a project or xodball, the content of those libraries is incorporated into the file and corrupts it, when opening it later it gives an error.

Example of xodball empty and \Stepper error_save.xodball (5.9 KB)

If I have a project and I open it, having the folders wrong, I would also corrupt it

Ah, OK, got it.

Well, it is a bug, but I am not surprised… The contents of __magic__ directories is not expected to be managed by hands. Furtermore, *.xodball’s are not expected under __lib__ at all, only multifile projects.

I suspect you’re trying to hack the system to make it possible to develop and use a library at the same time? Am I right?

I do not attribute it to being a XOD error, it was to tell what happened in case someone comes up with the same thing and makes the same mistake.
That’s why I broke several files, and had to correct them manually :sweat:

I have several modified nodes, all loose, I began to sort them, by folders and place them in __lib__

Now everything works ok, I have a folder “nodes/nodes” with all the individual nodes (folder with patch.xodp, cpp, etc)

Another folder library / and several libraries inside, some mine, others modified (folder with project.xod and foders with patch.xodp, cpp, etc).