I can not open the project

When i tried to open a project, an error appears: “Invalid xodball format. File that you try to load is corrupted and has a wrong structure”. I did not do anything with the project (other projects in the folder with this project can be opened). The project is important for me, I spent a lot of time on it. I can do it again, but it will be a long time. Help me please.

Most likely causes:

  1. The file did not fully save before the application was killed or system rebooted
  2. The file was manually modified after it was saved.

Not much we can do to help without a copy of what you are trying to load.

if you manipulate the working folder “xod” manually with invalid names that can happen.
As gweimer said, with a copy of the project it is easier to see what happens.

Четырёхразрядный индикатор (версия 1).xodball (4.0 KB) .
Please also explain how you corrected this error.

The 2nd line of the file is:

  "name": "---1",

I changed it to:

  "name": "test-1",

and it loaded just fine. My guess would be that you had Russian letters in the name that were seen as special characters and ignored, leaving the node with an invalid name.

Thank you very much! Now everything works.

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