Files becoming corrupt

Has anyone had issues with xod project files becoming corrupt?

File that you try to load is corrupted and has a wrong structure

This is the message I get

Hello, @fusionfanatic!
It sounds like a bug… Could you provide some more information?

  • Your OS
  • XOD IDE version
  • Was there any errors when you saved the project?
  • Can you attach the project here (xodball or zip a multifile project)?

Hi, I am learning the software and was trying to create a library of my own, I understand how to do that now but changed a file path setting, I opened the XOD file in notepad and changes the filepath right at the end to match an earlier working program. Just need to find the setting I changed within the XOD application. Wanted to make the quick update on here

What do you mean telling “filepath”? :thinking:
If you provide at least a changed part of the file it will be helpful :slight_smile:

so when I open the corrupt file with notepad the end of it looks like this:
“path”: “Charlies/flip flop nor/main”

A file which opens fine looks like this:

  "path": "@/main"


So in notepad I make the change and then the file opens.

I am not sure what I changed within the project to make it go faulty like that

the problem is the name of the folder with spaces

Very strange. I don’t know how you make it within the XOD IDE. Looks like you renamed a library and paths after saved it. Please, try to reproduce it and describe the process step by step. In this case we can check it out and fix the bug if it exists.

As @cesars said, the problem in the path, because it contains spaces. Also upper case characters is forbidden here.

A valid path contains only:

  • a-z characters
  • 0-9 digits
  • minus characters (-)
  • and have to start with the “owner-name/library-name/” which should comply with the same rules, or “@/” which means “patch located in the same project”.

OK, I do-not know what I did to change things within XOD, I cannot replicate it but I will attach a file which is corrupt, This change did happen as part of a change within XOD but I changed that file path as mentioned above in notepad and it would then open.

I did not make any changes to files outside of XOD before this happened but any file I would open with xod and then save made the files become corrupt.

Rotary encoder OLED TEST 4.02 save 4.02.xodball (158.1 KB)

Did you specified somewhere any of these words “Charlies”, “flip flop nor”?
In a patch name / library name / somewhere else?

The xodball has been opened without problem on my pc, but when I see the path in the editor “Charlies/flip flop nor”.
To fix it save as multifile, then open the project and save it again as .xodball.

I have already mentioned it in other previous problems, the xodballs or xodp in occasions are corrupted, sometimes when a C ++ is generated or “utility” is added.

ps: Expand the xod folder tree in users/you-name/xod and verify there is no folder with names that include capital letters, spaces, or other characters than -
That corrupts the files the files.

Yes I did, I believe I created a folder as cesars mentions above like that.

Thank you all for you help

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