Initial Upload Fails

“Package index broken
Error: Unexpected token E in JSON at position 0
Check correctness of the corresponding URL in “C:\Users\mvree\xod_packages_/extra.txt” and try to update indexes again”
Very first attempt to load a sketch and I get this message. Anyone got any clues as to what is wrong please?

The first upload has to download and install toolchain in menu.

Close XOD and try again, ignore errors and try to load a board. It will ask you to download the corresponding package.

Thanks for the reply !.. I musn’t be doing something right I have tried the exit reboot reinstall route a few times.
I connect my Arduino .via deploy menu
It connects ok .
I go to upload it generates an error and sits there “loading list of supported boards”
I ignore error and select update boards

Error message
" Cannot update indexes
Error: getting default sketchbook dir: getting Documents path: The system cannot find the file specified. Error creating default configuration
Check your internet connection and correctness of URLs in “C:\Users\mvree\xod_packages_/extra.txt”, then try again"

I have manually copied and pasted the URL mentioned and it seems to work fine . Am I missing something ?

I have found the problem. XOD didn’t like the fact that my default document storage location Onedrive was turned off. Must have happened during my latest Windows 10 up/down date Re-enabled One drive and alls good now.

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