0.25.2 forgets what model is being uploaded to

Quite often when I try to upload to my Arduino I get an error about the model I am using (the uno).
Even though I had just uploaded to the devices a moment earlier. The only way to get around it is to close XOD then re-open it and reload the file again, then it will upload maybe two or three times before it will forget the model.

What is your operating system? install 0.25.3

Hi Cesar
I have had this problem with 25.0, 25.1, 25.2 and with 25.3. I meant to put 25.3 on the write up I did on my post.

How do I manually add the “cannot update indexes” to XOD?

Thanks, Dan

What is your operating system?

Hi Cesar
I am using Win 10 and the latest update of XOD.

rename the XOD folder in C:\User\"User", to XOD-OLD

uninstall XOD-IDE, reinstall and then rename XOD-OLD to XOD