Error EPERM , multiple instances

The error occurs when having multiple XOD instances open after saving them does not allow opening any xodball.
The following error menu appears.

The solution was to delete the files from C:\Users*User*\AppData\Local\Temp with an Unlocker File program. Maybe restarting the system would also work.
It is not the first time that happens to me.

Thanks for the report. These .drivedownload and .driveupload files seems to belong to Google Drive. Can you confirm is the contents of your XOD workspace dir (or your home dir) are managed by some Google Drive synchronizer?

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Ohh, great observer, gDrive may be the culprit, on the 2 PCs that I have gDrive.

Although you’ve marked the topic as solved I think it is a XOD bug that should be fixed. To make it possible, we need a very specific scenario. Can you help with it? Something like:

  1. Make sure gDrive is running
  2. Open two XOD IDE instances (A and B)
  3. Create a new project in A and save it to C:\...\xod\a.xodball
  4. Switch to B, try to open the a.xodball

Expected: lalala
Actual: the error mesage bla-bla

You’d help a lot if create a new bug issue directly on GitHub. There’s actually a template for it. Thanks in advance.

The error has been mine, I believe, disconnect the Internet with two open instances.
Then I went to the libraries, I eliminated the one that had obsolete nodes, I opened a new XOD, I corrected the nodes and I saved them, then I closed all the instances.
Apparently, gDrive left those files until new synchronization, XOD does not know the temp files. from gDrive.

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