Native nodes not in libraries: bug

I think there’s a bug:

  • if you create a patch (e.g. midi-note)
  • add a not-implemented-in-xod node
  • add some code in eval, doesn’t matter
  • use the patch in your main patch

When you deploy-to-arduino (local, not cloud), you get an error:

Error occured during uploading: ChildProcessError: Command failed: "/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/arduino-builder" -hardware="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/hardware" -hardware="/home/awgrover/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -libraries="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-libraries" -tools="/opt/XOD IDE/resources/arduino-builder/tools" -tools="/home/awgrover/.config/xod-client-electron/packages" -fqbn="arduino:avr:uno" -build-path="/home/awgrover/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/build" "/home/awgrover/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/xod-arduino-sketch.cpp"
/home/awgrover/.config/xod-client-electron/upload-temp/xod-arduino-sketch.cpp:1127:11: error: stray '@' in program
 namespace @__midi_note__ {

Note the “@”! I think you didn’t clean if off the internal name. Attached is the project (try to deploy main)midi-example-3.xodball (15.5 KB)

Thanks, you’re right!

We’ve fixed it in development version already. Will release 0.16.1 very soon.

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