Native nodes in project patches

I tried to create a “native” patch in a project. But, when compiling it can’t seem to find the .cpp.

ops! Error occured.
No implementation for @/lib-awg-conversions-data-to-pulse found. Searched for: cpp,arduino

It would be convenient to use native nodes (especially for development).

XOD 0.14.0 on linux ubuntu/mint.

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Hi, @awgrover!
Thanks for the report, I’ve checked it out and can’t reproduce it.

Could you provide more information?

  1. How you named a file with native implementation?
    (it should be any.cpp or arduino.cpp)
  2. Did you reopen the project after placing a native implementation file?
    (it’s a necessary step to reload all native implementations)
  3. Where did you place this file?
    (it should be in the patch directory, next to the patch.xodp)

Also, you can attach your project to help us investigate this problem.