Consolidate two projects that have non-XOD-native patch nodes

Something it seems like there must be a way to do but can’t figure it out - suppose I have one project consisting of several patch nodes with custom not-implemented-in-xod C++ code saved as MyProject1.xodball. And a second same situation called MyProject2.xodball. I want to start a new project MyProject3 that uses the patch nodes from both MyProject1 and MyProject2.

I tried simply opening an instance of MyProject1 in one XOD instance and MyProject2 in another and dragging over but the IDE complains about missing nodes.

hi bitrex, in my case I open instances 1,2 and 3.
In 3 I create the patches of 1 and 2. (empty).
Then I’ll copy the contents of each one, and I’ll paste them in 3

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It is important not to change the names.
In red letters indicates the origin of the missing node.

If any node is missing, you must also create the patch and copy the content :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is an easier option, which I was doing with libraries and loose nodes.

Save the 2 projects as project.xod (not xodball)
Open folder project1 and copy all the content to project2, there will only be one project.xod and all folders with patches.
When you open the project you will all join


What you are describing is the desire to convert MyProject1 and MyProject2 to local libraries. This isn’t well designed in XOD yet, but possible.

  • Make sure you save your MyProject1 and MyProject2 as multifile projects, not .xodball’s
  • Give both a name with Edit → Project Preferences
  • Move them into workspace library directory: $HOME/xod/__lib__/bitrex/my-project-1 and $HOME/xod/__lib__/bitrex/my-project-2
  • Restart XOD IDE

See your projects/libraries available in Project Browser.


Great, thank you everyone just got back from travelling for the holidays so apologies for the delayed reply! :blush: No big plans for the New Year though I should have plenty of time to test the solutions - those parties are for the rookies :sunglasses: Best wishes for 2019 to all

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I’ve saved my project into a “Multifile XOD project”. Can I generate new files within file explore, and place the custom patches in the new files to categorize them for ease of finding? Will this create a problem in XOD when i try to reopen the project?


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