Create a new nod

I ran into an unexpected problem.
how to save a new node? how to create your own library?
I don’t want to publish it anywhere. only on my computer.
I cannot pull a node from one project to another, because it is in the library of this project.

Yes. Unfortunately, XOD does not provide a good way to share a node between projects without sharing it with the community as a library. One alternative is to open 2 copies of XOD and copy the node from one project to the next. This makes it hard to update the node since you have to update all copies of it. Another alternative is to manually copy your project into your library folder (or create a link in your library folder to the project). This should cause XOD to think that you have downloaded it as a shared library, but you have to get paths & folder format correct for it to work. It has been a while since I’ve done this & I don’t remember the details of what was needed.

you again, friend gweimer!
thanks for the answer!

everything is done through the anus!! well, if the creators want junk nodes, they will get them ((

I did it. I have published. can I now rename and add to my library? where to read about it? i missed something…

If you have published your code, you can now install it in XOD using File > Add Library

If you are just adding little things for yourself, you could push all of them as a general utilities library. If you have a node (or group of nodes) for a specific task, it makes more sense to have a dedicated library that others might use.

If you publish a library, keep the original code so it is easier to make updates later. Making updates from the library is not trivial (you would have to copy library to your workspace to make changes). You will need to Add Library again to get latest version after updates.

I decided not to bother myself. I will copy nodes from one project to another

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