Lack of understanding/missing node

This is probably a no brainer but i am having problems trying to find the attached node “format-weekday” in the library.
I have this node in another sketch and when i do a search it comes up with the node and i can select it and use it in the sketch that already has this node in use.
But when i create a new sketch and do a search i cant find it in the list. where does this thing live.?

What am i missing :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:

@/format-weekday indicates that it is defined locally for that XOD project. You can convert it into a library so it will be available to all projects, or copy it to the new project.

Hello gweimer,

Thanks for your quick reply.
If i do a copy and paste to a new project i get the attached error.
I have no idea how to convert it into a library.


Go to File> Publish Library.

The error is pretty clear. The patch you are trying to copy depends on other patches that have not been copied.

You probably want to create a project with only the group of patches needed before publishing as a library for re-use. The easiest way to do it is probably to save as a new project with reasonable name, then delete patches that should not be part of the library. You could be nice and add a 00-example patch (00- just so it sorts as the 1st patch & displays by default) that shows how to use the other patches in the library.

Thanks gweimer /unosoperator,

It is all starting to make sense i need to slow down and take a more structured approach to my projects.
The problem came to life when i imported some code that had nodes that are not in the standard XOD library.
In future i will be taking gweimer advice.
thanks again,


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